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Asbestos and Mould Remediation

Asbestos may be present in many forms, including floor tiles, ceiling tiles, wall texture, drywall compound, and insulating materials. If asbestos is present, demolition or renovation is a potential health hazard and can lead to future liabilities for the homeowner, property manager, and others involved with the renovation project. Homes and buildings older than 1990 may contain asbestos in one or more forms – when in doubt, testing should be done before any renovation begins.

Mould may be present in both old and newer homes, but does not necessarily result in health problems. However, if occupants are experiencing symptoms such as nasal congestion, irritated eyes, or headaches, an inspection and sampling may be prudent to identify the types of mould present and the options to correct the problem.

Our employees are trained professionals in asbestos abatement and mould remediation. Our top priority is the safety of our workers, homeowners and tenants. If asbestos or mould may be present, we will arrange for a sample of any suspicious hazardous materials and obtain independent laboratory testing. We will set out your options to correct the problem so you can make an informed decision.

The following websites give some helpful information about asbestos and mould:



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